David Sheard is the Leader of Kirklees Council.

First elected to represent the Heckmondwike Ward in 1982. He has chaired most of the major committees of the Council. He was a member of the Dewsbury Bench from 1982 until 2012. He has also been a member of the Valuation Tribunal since 1980 and is now the senior representative for the Yorkshire Region.

Educated aDavid Sheard 3t Heckmondwike Grammar School and Derby and Huddersfield Polytechnic Colleges, he has a degree in Business Studies and Graduated as a member of the IWSP.

He worked at BBA Cleckheaton before joining the RAF. On leaving the RAF he worked for Kirklees Council and the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority. On the abolition of the PTE he became a Second Hand Book Dealer.

He is interested in all things that affect the area he has always lived in, but his passion is motorcycling.

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  1. I named above have lived in my council property since the mid 70s in the late 90s my grandson came to live with my wife and I due to domestic problems at home. May-June last year we decided to forward an application to the council for the Right-To-BUY. Some weeks later I received a letter stating that my grandson could not be added to the Right-To-BUY as they did not have him on record as living at this address. Late November 14 my grandson e-mailed the council with notification requesting that his name be added to this address for voting purposes. We were notified then that he was added to this address, although we had proof of him living at this address the Right-To-Buy still refused him access. This meant that I had to cancel my application. This year2016 we put forward another application only to be informed [ONCE AGAIN] that he was not registered at this address even though we vote from this address. What I don’t understand is that relatives who DONT live at this address CAN be added to the application yet my grandson who lives with me at the address in question CANT. Please can you help? I am so confused. Yours sincerely John Mc Kenna.


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